High Weald Dairy Slipcote Dill


High Weald Dairy Slipcote Dill


Sussex Slipcote Dill is a fresh soft sheep Cheese made with 100% organic sheep Milk. It has a light, creamy texture, that melts in the mouth, with a slightly sharp refreshing flavour.

This version has chopped dill in to add to the flavour palette and Slipcote’s are often enjoyed on crusty bread or crumbled over pasta dishes.

All Auntie Val’s artisan products are produced to the secret recipes to be different. Our Marmalades are lovingly prepared and created in small open pan batches using traditional methods that have been handed down. We only use the finest ingredients (many locally produced) to ensure that ‘homemade’ taste and texture.

The team making our products are a dedicated team of disabled people who are proud of the products they make and being part of Auntie Val’s, which has been designed to help people with physical or mental disabilities.

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