Dry Aged Meat

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Dry Aged Meat Chamber at Grange Farm

Here at Grange Farm we dry-age our Beef and Lamb on the bone in our purpose built dry age chiller. The art of dry-ageing meat on the bone allows us to hang the meat for long periods of time to develop flavour and tenderness. We age our Beef for a minimum of 28 days, our optimum period 40 days. We also age our Lambs for a minimum of 7 days with an optimum period of 10-14 days. The colour of our meat is a lot darker than in the supermarket but don’t be put off by this, try some and experience the real flavour of meat.

The dry-ageing process is achieved by holding the meat at a temperature of 1.5 degrees and a constant humidity of around 85%. This allows a series of processes to occur in the meat; enzymes break down the proteins, carbohydrates and fats and the long chain molecules break down into short chain versions of themselves which are called aromatics. They curl and attach to our tastebuds giving sweet and umami flavours. The evaporation of moisture from the meat further intensifies the flavours and the breakdown of sinew and connective tissue develops a superior tenderness.

Whilst we don’t dry age our Pork we do hang and age it on the bone in our chiller for up to 7 days. Just simply hanging the meat allows it to set and flavours to develop, making your Pork Chop taste all the better!