Why shop at Grange Farm?

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We can tell you exactly where your meat has come from – here! We rear all our animals at Grange Farm to the highest standards and believe everybody should be able to enjoy quality tasting produce. We have a nose to tail approach with butchery and use as much as possible from the animal cutting down on any wastage. This gives you the chance to try new things and enjoy the flavour of real meat! As it should be!

We can cut and prepare your meat while you wait, nothing is too much trouble for us, if it’s not in the counter just ask. We don’t mind if you only need 2 sausages or are catering for a large event and need 200!

We work alongside several local producers to provide you with the very best that the south east can offer. Freshly baked Bread and Cakes delivered daily, a wide range of Cheese and Deli items and even our own Honey! Fresh Fruit and seasonal Vegetables are collected twice weekly, if there is something particular that you’d like we will do our best to source it for you.  There are some things that we won’t compromise on such as Asparagus and Runner Beans, you’ll only ever find English here.

We have seven beehives on the farm which provide us with our own Honey that we jar and sell in the farm shop. It’s extremely popular especially when Hayfever season arrives. We started 3 years ago with just three hives and it has grown exponentially. One of our neighbours helps with the beekeeping and combining his ten hives with ours local honey is not a problem. Just a spoonful a day throughout the season can help combat hayfever symptoms.

Throughout Game Season we process a number of locally shot Pheasant, Partridge and Mallard. We have two shoots that supply us; low in fat and high in protein game is great for you and makes a change from the usual choices. We also process wild Venison throughout the year, we have a wide range of cuts and make a selection of venison sausages and burgers. Another very lean choice of meat, it’s great for a high protein low fat diet.