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Knowing where our food comes from and the effort that goes into producing it is paramount to us; we are a fourth-generation family farm at Grange Farm but farming goes back even further in our blood, originating in Burwash, East Sussex where part of our family still run a Butchers Shop in the high street.

The main livestock enterprise at Grange Farm is Beef but we also rear our own Pork and through the winter we finish Hoggets on the farm. We also rear small batches of seasonal poultry. All of this is sold through our farm shop and available for you to buy online. It’s important to add that our meat is free from antibiotics, growth hormones and meat & bone meal additives.  

If we don’t have the animals ready on farm, we have a select couple of farms local to us that we buy from.  We use the most local abattoir to us at Tunbridge Wells for our Pork and Lamb. For the Beef we have to travel to Farnborough. We have the whole animals back to us for butchering and use everything we can from nose to tail. If you ever want to try something that is not your conventional cut just ask and we’ll be more than happy to help! We dry age our meat on the bone to give a depth of flavour and tenderness like no other. To find out more click here.

We have a mixed Beef herd with some Native breeds such as Sussex and Hereford, as well as some of the larger continental breeds like Limosin & Simmental. We have two Limosin Bulls (named Dave & Fred) who alternately run with the cows all year round giving us a constant supply of calves throughout the year.  They graze the fields for as long as the British weather allows and when they are housed through the winter they are fed with our homegrown Silage and Brewers Grains. The Finishing Cattle are also supplemented with a Beef Pellet over the last 4 months which helps with fat cover and a good finish. They are slow grown and are generally finished between 19-22months of age. We select them when they are between 600-620kg liveweight which gives us a carcase weight approximately 280-300kg. We have also recently started a small traditional Pedigree Sussex Herd of which there are less than 150 breeding cows left in the world!

We have 5 Pietrain breeding sows that are crossed with a Welsh Boar. This gives us a high meat content but still a nice layer of fat. You’ve got to have a good amount of fat on the pork, fat equals flavour, plus it gives you the best crackling ever! They are housed in traditional Victorian brick-built Pig Stys with outdoor access for them to root around and sunbathe in. We select the pigs when they average 100-110kg liveweight which is usually between 5-6months old, this gives us a 75-80kg carcase weight which is just right for the farm shop.

Our sheep are predominantly Texel X Mule. They are a very hardy breed and the Mule Ewe is suited to being outside all year round, they make excellent mothers to their lambs which are born in April. The Texel Ram brings great meat conformation and muscle mass into the mix. They are all grass finished apart from the occasional field of turnips that they graze. Selected when they average 45-50kg liveweight this gives us 24-28kg carcase weight. This is bigger than your average Butcher would choose but we prefer the larger lambs as they have a better fat covering and larger eye of meat making them ideal for dry ageing. Apart from when we get the new Spring Lamb in, we use Hogget as much as possible this is the term used for 1-2 year old lambs, the flavour is superior, you need to try it to believe us! 

We have our own laying hens to provide us with eggs for the shop. They are a mixed flock of various homebred and hybrid birds which give us a wonderful range of egg colours and sizes. We also have Ducks, Geese, Quail & Guinea Fowl which free range here at Grange Farm and our other poultry site in the village.

We rear small batches of seasonal poultry for the table, everything from an oven ready Quail or Chicken right the way up to your Christmas Turkey and Goose. All our poultry is slow grown, free range and free from any growth promoters and antibiotics. If we don’t have any of our own poultry available, we source the best British and Free Range produce that we can.