Wessex Mill Six Seed Bread Flour


Wessex Mill Six Seed Bread Flour


Awarded 3 Stars in The Great Taste Awards
Great Taste Award Winner. Our best seller.

Judges comment “This flour made the most delicious loaf of bread: perfectly risen and shaped, and with a good crumb and crust. It sliced well and the appearance of the sliced loaf was most attractive and enticing. The mixture and proportions of the chosen seeds are well balanced and make for delicious eating.”

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Wheat Flour, Kibbled Malted, Wheat 8%, Linseed 2.5%, Millet Seed 2.5%, Poppy Seed 1.5%, Sunflower Seed 1.3% Sesame Seed 1.3%, Barley Malt Flour, Calcium*, Niacin*, Iron*, Thiamin*

ALLERGENS: Barley, Sesame, Wheat