Roasting Joint Beef Box

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Roasting Joint Beef Box


A great freezer filler so that you’re never caught out for a Sunday Roast. You’ve got joints for roasting, slow roasting/pot roasting and can even do the Brisket on the BBQ! In this box you will get:

2 Topside Joints 1.5kg ea approx.
2 Silverside Joints 1kg ea approx.
1 Rolled Brisket 1.5kg approx.
1 Rib on the Bone Joint 2kg approx.

All of our Beef is from our farm, we Dry-Age on the bone before cutting it for at least 3 weeks to allow the flavour to develop and to ensure you get to taste some of the best beef you’ve ever had! Buying in bulk like this means that you get the best quality at a discount and fill your freezer at the same time, look out for our other special offers in store.

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